How long does it take to learn how to develop an Android app

How long does it take to learn how to develop an Android app?

Wow, this is one of the best question, because everyone wanted to know how long does it take to learn Android App development or Android Studio?

Sometime many people ask about JAVA too. Because JAVA is also related to developing android App.

So you have landed at very right post, because in this post I am going to sharing my experience and each and every aspect to learn how to develop and Android App.

First of all, I want to clear few things.

All our fingers are not same.

So all the people are not same. But do not worry I will tell you the average time duration of learning the process.

So there may be following types of the people who wanted to learn Android App Development

Beginner : Who don’t have any Knowledge

Most of the people wants to learn Android App Development but they do not have any knowledge about it. So it is obvious that it will take some more times to learn.

Having Basic Knowledge

People who have some basic knowledge, like JAVA basic knowledge.

Having Conceptual Knowledge

People who have conceptual knowledge. Here this is new terms. I have added it because, there are many people who know how the application works, and how it can be developed but they do not know coding and all that. They only know the concept..

Example: A person, who know, After Login, the app dashboard will be open and then the member can perform their task. But that person do not know to making login form and etc.

How long does it take to learn Android App development

So Now come to the answer of the question How long does it take to learn android app development?

So my answer is “It depends”. Yes, It depends on many factors, like

=> Ability of the Learner

=> Which resource you are following

=> Desire or willing

and many more, but these are three main factor on which the learning android, Java or anything depends.

So, If you are willing to learn, then 30-45 days is good to be a starter android Developer. I am not saying that you will expert in it.

But in one and half month, you will have good knowledge to dive deep into Android Studio based app development.

For being an expert developer you need lots of experience, and those experience will come from applying your learning in the action.


May be you will be agree..

Let’s take an example of mine..

When I was in 3rd semester of my (Computer Science).. (I had good Knowledge of HTML, CSS only).

Then one thought came in mind, that our college have not any Android App to represent. Many big colleges and universities have their own Android App.

So I thought to make an Android App for my College..

I started thinking about the app only for 2-3 days. But lastly I realized that by only thinking Android App can’t be ready.

So I will have to learn Android App Development for making android Apps..

I have contacted many seniors and other people on the internet and asked them “In How many days, I can learn Android App development”..

All of them replied 2-3 Years.. I became sad.. Because I have to complete that app withing 30 days.. and I was nothing and I had no knowledge about it..

I thought about their answer “2-3 years” and realized that in 2-3 years I will be a good developer. But I have to make only a single App for my college. So it will not take years.

So now I started searching on YouTube that how can I develop an Android App and what is the basic requirements for it? then I got to know that, we should have knowledge about

  • Basic Java
  • Basic Android

From YouTube and Udemy I learnt Basic Java within one week. Whole day and night I was only in learning process. I used to sleep for only 4-5 hours and all the time packed in my room..

After learning basic Java, Now I had to head towards Android..

So Again I searched on YouTube for free Android Course..

I used to following resources

Further I used to searching according to my requirement..

Like how to add share button in Android, how to add email button and email form in Android..

By searching on internet and implementing them into Android Studio. I made my first Android App.

Over to You

So making an Android App is not a big task, you just need dedication towards it. You should have passion to became an Android developer nothing else.

If you have no knowledge, no worry. Because all people learn here and then make Apps or anything.

So do not worry, Learning process can take 2 or 3 week extra but you will be on right path. Ok..

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